August 20, 2017 Sermon

Pastor Jon is a big, strong man. We're a lot alike...except that he has big guns and I collect big guns. There was another big man back during Biblical times and his name was Goliath.

He challenged the Israelites to send their best warrior to fight him. No one took the challenge...until a small shepherd boy named David stepped out from the shadows. The stakes were high: a loss to Goliath meant that all of his people would be enslaved. When the Philistines saw David, they all laughed and thought it was some kind of joke, cursing him, the Israelites, and God. When Goliath moved toward David, the boy took out a stone, slinged it at Goliath and crushed his skull, bringing the giant down with a crash. It was and is the biggest upset in the history of humankind.

Are you facing your giants? The story of David & Goliath is found is the Book of Samuel. Our giants may look differently. The enemy wants to tell you that you can't and that you're not worthy. He wants to get into your head: You're marriage can't survive. You'll never get a real job. You can't defeat that addiction. You'll always struggle financially. You'll never get over being abused. Your illness will get the best of you. You'll never leave your negative past behind.

But know that all of God's giant killers have been weak men and women. David did what he did for the Glory of God. Great faith makes great men and women.

What does the story tell us?

The odds are against you. Goliath was 9 foot, 9 inches tall with 150 lbs. of armor and he was ripped like a WWE Champion. David was a little guy. But David had God on his side and Goliath didn't.

You need your eyes on God. You recognize your Goliath, but you need to recognize your God who is on your side as well. God needs to be your focus. Don't allow your problems to be bigger than God. You can defeat them! Major on God and think on God.

The battle is the Lord's. It's not yours and it's not your enemies. He sets the tone. Despite all the armor, Goliath had a small, soft opening on his forehead that was exposed. David saw it, slung the rock, and hit him smack into that spot.

Cut off the enemies' head. Finish the battle for sure. Whatever the weakness, end it, stop it, and kill it once and for all. How long has it been since you ran toward your challenge rather than from it? If you want power in your life, get sanctified and sit on the throne of your life. Don't cower in fear; run into battle and ask God to saturate your soul with His Presence.

Amplify God and minimize Goliath. Declare that your enemy won't conquer you. Speak against child abuse, pornography, addiction, anger, poverty, and guilt. Your motto here is to ignite a worldwide passion for Jesus. You need to have God thoughts outnumber Goliath thoughts. You have hope!

The God who made a miracle out of David stands ready to make one out of you. Be a giant slayer!

I Samuel 17:40-51

- Don Frey, guest pastor

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

Jon Bruney, Pastor

Leona Sattison, Secretary          Drew Kuespert, Webmaster          Alysia Rowan, 27-time Usher MVP & World Champion

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