July 15, 2018 Sermon

We have a storage problem, don't we? The average home since the 1950s has tripled in floor space. They have two-car garages compared to one. Millions of Americans have at least one storage unit. With this said, the average livable space has actually decreased! How is this possible? We have more stuff than ever. We collect more and more things that we think we need and, therefore, we don't have room for ourselves and our daily lives.

King David had a storage problem. He had the Ark of God and he needed to store it and later he needed to move it. Without tracker-trailers in that day, it was going to be a massive challenge. They moved it with an ox cart. It was quite the chore of getting it moved.

The instructions for moving this ark were very clear from God. It was to be covered with skins and a blue cloth when transported. It must be moved by Levites with poles threaded through brass rings. The ark has a history of miracle after miracle. The ark was present when the waters of the Red Sea were parted and it was present when the walls of Jerico collapsed. But years later, the ark was now treated much more like a mascot than a treasured symbol to take into battle.

When this ark was moved later with the ox cart, a man was struck down during its transport. After it was finally rested in a home in the meantime, the residents of the home were Blessed by the Lord. Later, David realized the err of his ways and decided that it was better to follow the instructions that were intended for the ark's transport.

We must know that we don't move God; we must know that God moves us. We want--we should have a passion--to have God to be with us throughout our lives. We want Him to be present at all times with us, for us. King David had a desire as well, but he wanted to dictate how to carry the Lord with him rather than understand that God sets the tone.

God does not need your protection. A god who needs our protection is not a god at all. God doesn't want us to worship Him because He needs it, but because He deserves it.

King David learned that there was a right way and a wrong way to handle God. We are impatient when patiences is needed. We talk when we should listen. We have good intentions, but we need to be sure that we respect what God desires from us.

David learned that it wasn't all about him. It's not all about us, it's about the Lord Almighty. So many things would be solved if we simply moved and acted to honor God every minute of every day.

We must follow scripture. We don't take ourselves seriously, but we take God very seriously. We need to sacrifice to give our very best. When we sing, we should be giving him our very best. When we tithe, we should be giving Him our very best. When we minister, we should be giving Him our very best.

Even though David made mistakes, it wasn't the end of the story. David recognized that failure was on the path to success. God wanted to teach David that you must do things God's way. God teaches us through the failures.

We don't move God. It is God who does the moving.
God, we need to recover the awe, the splendor, and the majesty that is You. Amen.

II Samuel 6

- Jon Bruney
(credit to Homiletics)

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