December 2, 2018 Sermon

There are tons of new emojis. Many are using the Christmas emojis now: Santa, Christmas Tree, Gift Box. The practice of using emojis to express emotions and thoughts is not just a smartphone feature. They were even around in Biblical times. God loves to speak to us in signs and symbols.

For centuries, icons were used throughout the churches in Eurasia. They were known as "windows into Heaven" and people felt like they were closer to God when they saw them. More symbolic are the ancient symbols: the fish and the Cross. Another is the righteous branch.

What is the righteous branch? It is a symbol for God to execute--that is, to carry out--righteousness. How do we apply this righteousness in our lives? Jesus is the righteous branch who allows us to prune the negative branches from our lives. The branch of condemnation, the branch of fear, the branch of poverty mindset, the branch of bitterness, the branch of envy, the branch of accusation, the branch of guilt & shame. What branches are branching out in your life? What fruit do you think these branches are producting? Bitter, rotten fruit! But, the branch of righteousness allows for pruning and isn't about right-doing, but right-standing.

The Father will see us through the righteousness of Jesus. You can never do enough on your own to be righteous enough. But, with the righteousness of Jesus, you have the righteousness that He has.

Mostly we judge and try to do enough to get into right-standing with God. Doing won't get you into right-standing with God. Not going to church, not exercising the Ten Commandments, not being a good person. You must embrace the righteousness of Jesus through right relationship in order to be a part of what God desires for us in our lives. God's Righteousness can execute--that is, to destroy--condemnation, fear, poverty mindset, bitterness, envy, accusation, guilt and shame.

We must look for the Divine Plan within ourselves, within our own hearts. Look at your spiritual DNA. God's Love is flowing through us right now, but we must embrace it in order to experience His Righteousness.

Do Unto Others As They Would Do Unto You. Having the righteousness of God is about having an unwavering faith.

Jeremiah 33:14-16

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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